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    Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute successfully developed styrene oil-soluble polymerization inhibitor

    release time:2019-06-03

    HC Plastics News: On December 26, the Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute's styrene oil-soluble polymerization inhibitor was successfully developed, marking a solid step for the company to enter the market for high-end polymerization inhibitor products.      It is understood that the styrene oil-soluble polymerization inhibitor has the characteristics of low freezing point and good low temperature stability, which can avoid condensation of water-soluble polymerization inhibitor in winter, and save energy and reduce consumption. The product has good inhibition effect and can replace the two polymerization inhibitor products used in the fertilizer plant and the organic synthesis plant styrene plant, which breaks the situation that the original water-soluble and synergistic polymerization inhibitor must be mixed.      At the same time, Jilin Petrochemical Research Institute successfully screened the organic solvents and solubilizers in the polymerization inhibitor to enhance the solubility of the two polymerization inhibitors. It is reported that styrene oil-soluble polymerization inhibitor can be directly applied to the production of styrene, and can also be applied to the production of other olefin products, laying a foundation for the development of olefin device series polymerization inhibitor products.