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    Guangzhou Peichang Silicone Defoamer

    release time:2019-06-03

    This product is a high temperature defoamer, which is prepared by emulsification with the company's specially developed high temperature emulsifier. The emulsion can withstand high temperatures of 130 °C. It does not break the emulsion in the use environment of 130 ° C, and no silicone grease is precipitated. The defoaming agent is suitable for the high-temperature dyeing process in the textile process, and has the functions of rapid defoaming, foam breaking, and continuous foam suppression for a long time. Very little added amount gives you excellent defoaming effect. It maintains excellent defoaming performance especially in strong acid, strong alkaline medium and strong mechanical stirring and cutting environment.     [Features and Applications]     Sizing, scouring, printing and finishing processes in the textile industry (high temperature overflow dyeing/addition in refining agents); production of acrylic rubber latex; preparation of industrial alkaline detergents, wastewater treatment;       Product parameters:   Ingredient Category Silicone MOQ 25 Reference price ¥2     [recommended usage]     This product can be directly added and used. According to different use systems, the amount of defoaming agent can be added from 0.2% to 0.6%. The optimal dosage is adjusted by the customer according to the specific conditions. It is added after dilution with water in the high-temperature overflow dyeing process, which helps to disperse and saves the amount. This product can be used directly or diluted. If it can be fully stirred and dispersed in the foaming system, it can be added directly without dilution.     [storage]     The defoamer is suitable for storage at 10~30°C, and should not be placed near the heat source or exposed to sunlight. According to general chemical storage methods. Seal after use to avoid deterioration. Under the recommended storage temperature and unopened packaging conditions.       Guangzhou Peichang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and fertile city of Guangzhou, with convenient logistics and transportation. The company has a professional and innovative team with very rich experience in industry application. It always insists on carrying out scientific research, production, sales and service in the field of green new materials, and abides by the tenet of “credit first, honesty-oriented”, to be more perfect. The management system and service system have won the recognition and praise of many industry friends and customers. The company mainly has special water-based resins (such as high wear-resistant resin, fluffy resin, high adhesion resin, etc.), special water-based additives, daily chemical raw materials and other fine chemicals. The product application fields include electronics, automotive, textile, paint, paint, leather, plastic, construction and many other industries. The application range is wide, targeted and excellent.